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TV on your iPod, iPad or iPhone!


  • Connect to your iPod, iPad or iPhone and watch Local Digital TV Anywhere with all 120 HD FilmOn Channels.
  • Download free App from the store.

System Requirements

  • iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPhone (iPhone 3GS or later) or iPad; with iOS 4.3.5 or newer
  • Mac: Intel CPU, Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later, 1GB RAM
  • PC: 2.0 GHz Intel / AMD CPU, Windows 7, 1 GB RAM

Incredibly easy-to-use

Simply download the free FILMON.TV AIR MAX app (available on the App Store) to your iPod, iPad or iPhone and connect the ultra-compact TV tuner to the dock connector port. Open the app, pick a channel, and start watching. That's all there is to it. FILMON.TV AIR MAX can even receive DVB radio transmissions!

Take a break

Distractions? No problem. Pause the movie or TV show and rewind back to the part you missed. You can timeshift live television on your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

See what's on at a glance

The integrated EPG offers you up to 7 days of detailed programme guide data.** You can Email programme details directly from the Guide to recommend upcoming shows to your friends or print them with AirPrint-enabled printers. You get all the programme details that are broadcast within the DVB-T stream.

Record TV on your iPod, iPad or iPhone!

With FILMON.TV AIR MAX, you can record TV shows directly to your iPod, iPad or iPhone and watch them later.

No internet connection required

Since the television signal comes from the attached telescopic aerial, you won't need an internet connection nor a Wi-Fi hotspot to watch TV on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. FILMON.TV AIR MAX never touches your data plan.
*on a fully charged iPod, iPad or iPhone
**Where available. The amount of EPG data varies by broadcaster.