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What is Streaming Movies About?

Streaming Movies are movies you can watch live on your computer, iPad or Phone. Live sport streams, sport videos and live score. We offer you over 20 recorded and live sport channels, including football games of the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division and Italian Serie A, as well as important events in other sports. NHL Ice hockey or NBA basketball are similar to what you get on Filmon. Our internet technology the video encoding technology plays a critical role in the ability for you to watch medium to high quality streaming movies, often completely free. However, we can not begin to tell you the amount of visitors that enjoy our free and subscription streams but nearly an unlimited number of visitors can have access to our live TV service at the same time. Please comment on your experience with watching our free channels in standard definition as well as your subscription based ability to watch in HD television resolution You can broadcast us on every page - of your Facebook and twitter by using the social media buttons. Please create a free account on our site.

In our video archive, you can watch movies and shows by downloading them. This On Demand section is a feature on top of the ability you get to watch shows and sports like leading European leagues, or other types of sports such as basketball or ice hockey. Stay mobile while watching live TV and tell your friends live scores of all games as you see them updated every minute. Football is both American and Soccer and we have two channels. Filmon has the exclusive rights to broadcast live Russian Soccer in the USA.

If you search for music channels, please visit the Filmon Music Channels where you will find a complete list of streams for all music channels. If you want subscription prices and information regarding watching live streams, please first check our detailed subscription information page. You can also contact us any time. And an important note, many streams you can find in our website are completely free - Internet connection and a IOS or Android mobile device or desktops are all you need!

Streaming movies on via desktop, iPhone or android is easy.

Watch movies online through any browser or by downloading our App for iPhone or Android. We also have a FilmOn HD Player for your desktop which means you don't even need to open your browser at home desktop.

Watch streaming movies, sports and news. If you are looking for a cable TV alternative, perhaps you should compare FilmOn to other online TV providers such ad Hulu, Apple TV.

You will find free online movies right here on as well as a paid subscription option for premium channels.

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FilmOn enables viewers to watch live TV streams wherever an internet connection is available by using a PC or a Mac. Choose from a wide selection of UK & International channels including, news, sports, Lifestyle, movies, shopping, kids and more.

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